The all-time Christmas classic

in a vibrant family show

No Christmas is complete without the all-time Christmas classic: The Nutcracker. Tchaikovsky’s world-famous ballet comes to the stage in a modern version without losing any of the atmosphere of the original. 

With this brand new Nutcracker the director/choreographer Martino Müller returns to the origin and essence of the ballet: an interplay of reality and fantasy.  He translates the magical story into a vibrant show, with colourful sets and costumes, impressive choreography, top international dancers and numerous moments of pure poetry.

The visual show is supported by the enchanting music of Tchaikovsky. Matt Dunkley, conductor, composer and arranger (Black Swan, Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story, Pirates of the Caribbean, Moulin Rouge, Batman: The Dark Knight) took on the task of reworking Tchaikovsky’s music, with the greatest respect, and recording it with a large symphony orchestra.  Franco Dragone is once again Artistic Director of this production.  In short, this Nutcracker promises to immerse you in a magical Christmas atmosphere.

We are invited to the magnificent Christmas party given by the Stahlbaum family. Clara is given a wooden nutcracker that comes alive at night to take her on an unbelievable adventure. The next morning she awakens as though from a wonderful dream… But was it really a dream? 


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